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May 17 2018

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As a highly-trusted digital currency, Bitcoin and its value are shattering all possible records of the growth rate. CoinTree is a system with a focus on Bitcoin trading in South Africa. We allow for leveraging your assets with such digital currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. While keeping away from constant monitoring and interference by the banking system and government, you can always preserve your resources unaffected with the help of our cold storage.

The CoinTree platform ensures the security of users’ assets and allows them to carry out transactions without any third-party intermediaries. Here every investor gets access to the most accurate data and real-time charts that indicate all recent changes in the Bitcoin investment world. Once you establish a personal goal, it’s up to you whether to be an investor or a trader. CoinTree provides trading route followers with a particular console and more extensive range of cryptocurrencies to make a profit.

Investing in Cryptocurrency is about Escaping from the Rat Race

Over the recent years, Bitcoin has been transformed into an exponentially growing resource. Although it is a relatively new form of money, the currency gains momentum rapidly and bursts into the market at a lightning pace while opening the door to Bitcoin trading experts. Retail investors and traders find this direction of asset distribution to be the most trusted way of generating income. This is mainly a Blockchain technology that makes all financial sector players sanguine about it. While implementing a new digital backbone and a distributed ledger in the peer-to-peer network, Blockchain ensures legitimacy and safety of every transaction in a verifiable way.

Reasons for BTC Investment:

  • It is a decentralized currency that cannot be manipulated by any monitoring body, bank or government.
  • All transactions are carried out without indication of a user’s name, address, date of birth or other information that is ideal for privacy protection.
  • Unlike fiat money, digital currency cannot be affected by inflation even under the conditions of the economic collapse.
  • Investing in digital currency opens up new perspectives for capital providers. According to the experts’ opinion and financial forecasts, the Bitcoin’s value is projected to rise dramatically in the nearest future. Thus, its investment potential is extremely promising.
  • The volatility of Bitcoin has already taken a route towards stabilization. And it is likely to be stable in perspective.

Margin Trading Is a Possible Option

Since the major goal of investing is reaping profits and forecasting slippage in value, it’s recommended to get to know the whole range of available alternatives. With the CoinTree platform, users are entitled to take advantage of several asset management strategies. Apart from standard Bitcoin investment, members of the crypto community can try a hand at margin trading through the peer-to-peer funding sector. It is a perfect solution to succeed either at currency growth or fall for those who have limited resources at the moment. As a result, a leveraged trader gets more investment opportunities on the financial market, and a lender can make considerable gains in multiples. This form of cooperation may prove mutually beneficial for both participants.

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