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Jan 31 2018

Call Center Solutions, Hosted, Blended and Integrated Call Center Software

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All in one Solution Provider for your
Call center needs

Increase you call center profit with
Lgorithm Solutions

Field Sales Management

Deployment Flexibility

Free BPO Consulting

  • One stop solution for you all contact center needs. Single Roofed Solution,Thus no Blame Game
  • 24X7 Chat/Phone/Email Support
  • All UNIVERSALLY Possible Technocommercial Models
  • A+ Grade DOT Approved VoIP courtesy Welco,Net4,IKF and WorldPhone
  • Free Demo
  • Money Back

    Lgorithm Solution is one of the leading call center solutions provider in Philippines. Lgorithm provides Hosted call center software and Premise based solution to cater the needs of the customer. Our call center solutions have been trusted and used by many major players in the BFSI,Collection, Customer service,Telemarketing,Online Gaming and E-commerce vertical. Today there is a need of a complete integrated call center software which can integrate seamlessly across all the channel, giving the customer a omni channel presence. Lgorithm’s Flagship Integrated call center software NGUCC is an omni channel solution with seamless integration across social media,SMS,E-mail,E-fax, Voice platform. Many of the start-ups today don’t want to invest a lot in the infrastructure required to start a call center, and need a Hosted call center software. NGUCC is available in both hosted and On-Premise model to match the need and requirement of the customers.


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