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Jan 19 2018

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Green Careers

Professional Time, Talent, and Expertise

to Build a Better World

Whether you’ve been dreaming of this new green career for months. or years. you are so ready to make this change you can taste it!

But at the moment, the work you do doesn’t give you much opportunity to have a positive impact on the planet.

  • feel stuck a decidedly non-green career
  • have just graduated or getting ready to graduate
  • are in between positions
  • have a “green” job, but you don’t have the impact you’d like to have.

y ou’ve been trying to sort out the best way to have a bigger impact on the planet and your community.

You Aren’t Sure How to Proceed

  • You’ve searched online to find possible positions, but you can’t tell which position would be the best fit for you or you find they all expect more experience than you have to offer.

  • You’ve tried to identify your options, but sorting through the maze of information on the Web is daunting. There’s either too much information to make sense of or not enough information to help you figure out what direction to take.

  • You can’t quite figure out how to pull all the pieces together to create a cohesive plan to move forward. Things are taking so long you are losing faith that you can pull off this career transition that is so important to you.
  • The Key to Your Success Is Gaining Clarity about Your Green Career Direction

    To gain clarity about your new career direction, I recommend you take a few steps.

    1) Get a good overview of the opportunities that are possible within the emerging economy. See Green Economy Map below for more information.

    2) Understand what it takes to transition to a new career. See the Career Transition Map below for a detailed description of the journey ahead. When you take the steps in order, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration as a result!

    3) Take the time (a few weeks is all it will take) to clarify your green career direction. As you gain clarity about your career direction you discover your sense of excitement and internally inspired motivation will propel you forward. See Find Your Green Focus below for information.

  • Rather than constantly searching for what you want to do–and wondering if you’ll ever figure it out—You shift your attention to taking proactive steps to make the transition to this new role.

  • When you can clearly articulate what you want to do, others understand your goal and step in to help you! Doors swing open, opportunities appear, and your quest for your new career gains momentum!

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