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Sep 7 2018

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best divorce lawyers in michigan

Best divorce lawyers in michigan

Are you in need of a Michigan family law or divorce lawyer in Oakland County, Macomb County or Wayne County? Do you need Michigan divorce help?

At our Michigan divorce and family law office, attorney Ellen Paynter is an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer, concentrating her law practice in Michigan divorce and Michigan family law, providing comprehensive legal advice and representation for over fifteen years in the following areas:

Our Michigan Law Office represents clients in Michigan divorce and family law cases in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne County, Michigan.

Attorney Ellen Paynter is frequently contacted by other attorneys and media sources to explain different facets of Michigan Family Law. In November 2009, lawyer Ellen Paynter discussed with Detroit News Reporter Catherine Jun, issues surrounding Michigan’s Paternity laws and information from her web site was added to Ms. Jun’s article. Michigan Paternity Article.

Not all Michigan divorce attorneys are created equal. With so much at stake, you can trust in our experienced Michigan divorce and family law office to protect you and your future. We understand how important your legal issues are to you and we will work tirelessly to protect your rights and vital interests. We know that this is probably your first experience dealing with lawyers. At our office, a Michigan divorce lawyer will make every effort to help you smoothly through the divorce process providing you with the best possible result.

Family law issues can be difficult and frustrating for you and your family. As a law office that specializes in Michigan divorce and family law, we understand that the emotional issues involved in family law matters can be overwhelming. Our legal experience with Michigan divorce and family law will provide you with sound, calming legal advice and representation tailored to meet your needs – now and into the future. The Michigan divorce and family law process can be confusing, and an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer at our firm will make sure that you understand the issues and your rights at every step.

Our office continually strives to provide the highly experienced representation typically found at a large law firm, and the highly personalized and attentive service you can only find with a small law office. We properly serve your legal needs by taking the time to get to know you and thoroughly understand your situation. You can put your trust in our legal experience and our passion to protect your rights during this difficult time. If you retain our office, a Michigan divorce attorney will guide you through the process step by step, and make certain that you understand all of the issues involved.

If you are in need of a Michigan family law attorney or Michigan divorce lawyer, you have come to the right place. Whether you are preparing for a divorce, grappling with child custody or child support issues, or anything in between, we can help you. You can trust a Michigan divorce and family law lawyer from our office to protect your rights and interests.


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