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Sep 18 2018

How to create connections in SAP BI 4.0

by Pieter Verstraeten Published July 10, 2011 Updated May 13, 2013

In this blog I want to share my knowlegde about How to create connections with BI 4.0 . If you are interested in how to create a connection between SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0, you must reed this article. A step-by-step guide can be downloaded!

In the mid of August 2011, BI 4.0 will be general available. I hope when BI 4.0 is available for every customer, you can start directly creating connections with this blog as reference.

First I ll show an overview of all connection possibilities in BI 4.0:

When using SAP BW as a source system, the BICS connection is preferred by SAP. Other connections are possible, for example the JCO-connection. This connection can be used when you want to combine data from SAP BW and non-SAP. The JCO-connection connects directly on the SAP BW InfoProvider, BEx query s are not allowed. SAP BusinessObjects will setup automatically the relational schema, this is called the data foundation layer.
The dimensional semantic layer can be used to access multidimensional databases, such as Microsoft Analysis Services or Hyperion (no Cognos! ).
The relational single source layer can be used to access relational databases, for example Microsoft Access or MySQL.

Update 4 October 2012:
Note: If you want to use the BICS connection (via SAP NetWeaver platform ) in Dashboard Design and wants to publish the dashboard in the SAP BO 4.0 Enterprise Platform, there is one thing to know this doesn t work! Since the release of FeaturePack 3, the BICS connection is supported via the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 platform. From this release you re able to bind your SAP BW query results directly to charts. To use this funciontality, you must first create your SAP BO query via the query browser on top of SAP BW.

Connections in BI 4.0 need to be created with the Information Design Tool, download the step-by-step manual to see how connections can be created with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0.

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38 Responses

Great blog Pieter! Very usefull information. I know the blog is referring to connecting BI4 Tools to BW. Perhaps it would be nice to extend the diagram to show the alternatives to get BW data into SAP BO Explorer.

Thanks for the comment! I ll extend the diagram as soon as possible with SAP BO Explorer.
Hope you will visit this site regularly, my plan is to post more how to documents on my blog.

Hi Pieter,
Your blog is so nice,
i have a small doubt in sap-dash boards
i have to create multiple parameters in dashboards
is it possible did u refer me how to do this work

I have just come across your blogs and have found them very interesting. I am struggling at the moment with Dashboards and the two different types of BICS connector that can be used to access BEx Queries. I have got the netweaver based BICS connector working fine but I cannot get the BOBJ BICS connector working the button to select a Bex Query when using the Query Browser Add Query option in Dashboards is missing and only gives the option to create a query based on a Universe. Have you seen this option working and do you know if it is dependent upon some setup or config or path level or indeed anything.

Thank you very much for the article
I am getting error business objects validity(SQL/MDX) error upon intergretiy check on Buniess Layer of the Relation badabase connection. I am using Bex Query

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