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Dec 31 2017

How to Sell Cars – Online Car Sales Course – Automotive Sales College

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ASC – Training & Recruiting Dealership Staff Since 1996

How To Sell Cars – Salesperson Certification Course

ASC is contracted by Toyota, Chrysler, Honda, Ford, Cadillac, Hyundai, VW, Fiat, General Motors, KIA, BMW and Nissan New Car Dealerships to recruit, train and hire New Auto Salespeople and Managers.

ASC’s auto sales process has been recognized as one of the best in the industry. Auto sales training is critical for all people interested in becoming a car salesperson. Today’s consumers are sophisticated. They expect knowledgeable and professional car salespeople. While product and dealerships are important in purchasing a vehicle, research indicates the most significant factor in the decision is the salesperson. Customer service and satisfaction have become the number one priority of all manufacturers and new car dealerships. Manufacturers continually produce quality products, while dealerships continually strive to acquire skilled, educated and motivated professional salespeople.

ASC offers an online auto sales course on how to sell cars professionally. The online course is applicable to any person, in any country looking for employment as an automobile salesperson. It will take you through the entire auto sales process and then shows you how to secure employment into a auto dealership. It is also for currently working auto sales people wanting a professional sales process to follow. Upon course completion the student receives an ASC Certification Certificate. If you are serious about how to sell cars for a living, then you should invest in the online course.

People contact ASC with a serious desire to succeed in the car sales profession and ASC supplies them with the knowledge and tools needed to transform that desire into a Successful Career. ASC trained people perform far above the industry average? These elements are not mutually exclusive! The proof is in the fact that we have many graduates who occupy the upper echelons of National Sales Clubs and Sales Management positions for every auto manufacturer.

The following are several of the ASC Team.

Darin George is a Sales Trainer, Author, Recruiter and Corporate Keynote Speaker. Darin is repeatedly published in numerous automotive and sales management industry magazines, news papers and has appeared in many TV shows and live web broadcasts. Mr. George is a featured sales training columnist for the Auto Industry. His Sales Training Articles are regularly published in WardsDealer Business Magazine, Dealer Marketing Magazine, Canadian AutoWorld Magazine, Automotive Digest, Auto Success Magazine, Canadian Auto News, AutoWorld Magazine and a few more industry publications. Mr. George is the Author of two Books:
SALES TRAINING – Automotive Edition – How to Sell Cars for a Living.
SALES PROCESS – Can You Sell Me a Pen? – Retail Sales Process
These are both valuable books. Not only does Darin George have the sales knowledge and experience to write them, he has the insight. Steve Finlay / Editor / WardsDealer Business Magazine. His books are available Now through: www.barnesandnoble.com

Sales Training Book Interview

These are both valuable books.
Not only does Darin George have the sales knowledge to write them,
he has the insight.
Steve Finlay / Editor / WardsDealer Business Magazine.

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