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Jun 24 2017

Plan & Pricing #umblical #cord


Package plan includes:

  • Account establishment enrolment
  • Laboratory processing
  • Maternal blood testing
  • Personalised cord blood cord tissue collection kits
  • Cord blood viability testing
  • Cord blood contamination testing
  • MSC EpSC identification verification testing (only available for CordPlus)
  • Enhanced StemShield Plus, Enhanced StemAssured, Enhanced Stem21 and StemCourier programmes
  • Storage for 21 years

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*Prices exclude 6% GST.
Cancellation fees may apply.
Fees apply to single birth (Singleton) only. For multiple births (i.e. Twin, Triplet and etc.), kindly contact our friendly representative for more information.
If you are our existing client, you are entitled to our special loyalty discount, find out more here .
Management reserves the right to review and change the price and plan from time to time without prior notice.
Cord lining and Wharton s Jelly banking services are provided by StemLife Therapeutics Sdn Bhd.

StemLife, established in 2001, is the first and leading private cord blood stem cell bank in Malaysia. StemLife is a fully licensed stem cell bank under the Private Healthcare Facilities And Services (PHFS) Act 1998 by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. We dedicate our comprehensive service to umbilical cord blood and cord tissue collection, transport, cell processing and cryopreservation.

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