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Jul 4 2018

Social media marketing companies atlanta

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Hardly anyone uses their social listening to feed insights or engagement opportunities to their sales teams. Since partnering with LinkedIn to help large organizations with their social selling efforts, I ve spoken with many companies across industries and geographies, and I just don t see organizations using social listening to make their sales people more effective. In [ ]

There is an important gap in most marketing automation platforms: They ignore organic interactions in social media. That is, most marketing automation platforms fail to count retweets, likes, comments, etc. As a result, lead scoring and many channel analytics exclude organic social interactions from their calculations. Therefore, brand teams and brand employees who interact with [ ]

Ray Wang of Constellation recently published a great four personas of the modern CMO in a digital world. Ray and his team interviewed 100 CMOs, and identified their top 20 challenges, which you find in four personas of the modern CMO. They also shared a chart to summarize the four personas, and I recreated it [ ]

LinkedIn continues its expansion as an enterprise software provider with the launch of an employee advocacy product named Elevate. LinkedIn is the first social network to launch a software product in this space, and this further validates that employee advocacy is not going away. In fact, it boosts the entire space because now a lot [ ]

This post is co-authored by Chris Boudreaux and Constantin Basturea. After years of brands enduring disconnected social media point solutions and endless debate about the ROI of social media, Sprinklr recently announced a path forward. With their new $1 billion valuation, and today s acquisition of Get Satisfaction, they are well on their way to being [ ]

Today I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on social selling with the following gentlemen, who each run social selling or employee advocacy programs, either at their brands, or in support of their clients: Adam Naide, Head of Social Media Marketing at Cox Communications Martin Jones, Sr. Marketing Manager at Cox Communications Brian Fanzo, [ ]

One of the hosts for today, Susan Emerick and her partner in Brands Rising LLC Jeanne Murray, delve deeply into metrics, KPIs and measurement frameworks for employee advocacy programs. They also answer one of the most difficult questions faced by their audience, How do I prove business value? Notes from the Measuring Performance and Value session [ ]

One of the hosts for today, Chris Boudreaux of EY and this blog, hosts a panel with three employee advocacy program managers who all have successful programs at differing stages. The theme Chris maintained throughout the discussion was What s next? Notes from the Taking Your Program to the Next Level session at the Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta, [ ]

Michael Brito of WCG helps teach employee advocacy program teams navigate the tricky road of content creation. He goes into many of the similarities and differences between personal content creation versus the process for the brand itself. Notes from the Feed the Content Engine session at the Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta, GA on September 15, 2014. [ ]

Jim Dudukovich, a lawyer from The Coca-Cola Company, gives a rare glimpse into the world where social media and law intersect. He brings simplicity and clarity to a number of issues that arise when planning an employee advocacy program. Notes from the Laws and Regulations That You Need to Know session at the Employee Advocacy Summit [ ]

The Best-Selling Book on Empowering Employees in Social Media (Employee Advocacy)

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