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Aug 18 2017

Kowil Group of industries, Sialkot PAKiSTAN #accessories, #american, #apparels, #kowil, #exporters, #bags, #bagpipes, #badges, #balmorals,

# Leading Manufacturers Wholesale Exporters of Pipe Bands Uniforms accessories requirements, Musical Instruments accessories, Hand or Machine embroidered Metal Badges, Skean dhu or Sgain dubhs Dirks, Scottish or Highlanders Bagpipes, Toy Bagpipes, Carrying Cases, Bags Covers, Pipe Practice Chanters, Reeds, Buckles, Cords, Knots, Bugles Trumpets, Flutes, Waist Cross Belts, Caps Hats, Glengarries Balmorals, Khaki Canadian Hats, Kitchener Pith Helmets, Feather Hackles, Legal Attires, Spats, Sporrans, Tartan kilts Plaids. Doublets, Tunics Jackets, Inverness Cape, Graduation Gowns and Velvet Tams, Mortarboard, Honor/Honour Stoles, Academic Dress, Robes, Academic Regalia, Reenactment Attire, Memorabilia. Drum Major Maces, Pace Sticks, Sashes, Gauntlets, Bars Staffs, Clubs Staffs, …