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Jun 7 2018

Used Car For Sale in Scotland, Rental Car Sale in Scotland – Hertz Rent2Buy, second hand cars for sale scotland.#Second #hand #cars #for #sale #scotland

Used Cars For Sale in Scotland

Take up to 5 days to test drive used car before you commit Like a normal Hertz rental, but when you buy the car, the rental fees are waived*.

Used Cars Scotland, UK

Hertz Rent2Buy Scotland also sells cars. We’ve over 100 years rental experience, so we know finding which car suits you is the key to motoring happiness. That’s why Hertz Rent2Buy offers you a great choice of cars, plus our unique 5 day test drive to help you choose.

No matter what your needs, our relaxed, personal service will discover the right car for you, without pressure, fuss or delay.

Why use Hertz Rent2Buy Scotland?

Days out in the Cairngorms offer a great chance to drive through windswept landscapes, while dwellers in Inverness or Dunfermline will use the car on simpler school runs and shop visits.

We at Hertz Rent2Buy want to make sure that the car you buy is the car you love. That is why, we offer you our unique 5-day trial period, so you have no doubts before you finalize your purchase. Simply visit the local Hertz branch to book a test drive and pick up the car keys. When you book the trial, you are effectively renting the car for 5 days. So you are free to not just take a test drive; you can take it with you when you run errands, travel to work or do all the things you would with your own car.

You can even get it checked out with your local mechanic before you make the final decision. If you purchase the car, we’ll waive the rental charge. If you want to explore other options, all you have to do is pay for the test drive and pick out the next car you want to buy.

Visit Hertz Rent2Buy for a used car buying experience that is hassle-free and no pressure.

We give you more time to test drive your car, from a name you can trust! Discover your next car with Hertz.

Used Car Locations in the Scotland

There are various Locations in the Scotland in which Hertz Rent2Buy offers used cars for sale

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