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Feb 28 2018

Welcome To Caralina Eyecare Physicians

Carolina Eye Care Physicians brings unsurpassed eye care and vision correction to Charleston with bladeless LASIK, cataract correction, and premium advanced-technology lens implants (ReSTOR®, ReZoom®, Crystalens®, Tecnis®, Verisyse™, and Visian™ ICL), as well as treatment for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

All About Cataract?

“I wanted to be able to achieve a level of vision that I haven’t had for years, and the only lens that I believed could do that was the multifocal lens. I made that decision and I’m really glad I did.”
-William Martin, MD

Like the lens of a camera, the eye’s lens focuses to keep the images of both close and distant objects clear. Over time, the lens becomes less transparent; studies suggest accumulated exposure to ultraviolet light causes the natural lens to cloud. Most often, this clouding (called a cataract) develops slowly as proteins within the lens degenerate.

Cataract Surgery at Carolina Eyecare Physicians is.

All About LASIK

Why should I choose Carolina Eyecare Physicians for LASIK?

“After the LASIK surgery, going from legally blind to 20/15. it was an amazing experience.” -Rick Camus

Carolina Eyecare Physicians is different than other Charleston LASIK centers. Drs. Sid Seltzer and Kerry Solomon are board-certified refractive surgeons. Unlike eye surgeons who move from one volume LASIK discount center’s assembly line to another, Drs. Seltzer and Solomon are available to tend to your individual needs before, during, and after your vision correction procedure.

Without a precise diagnostic workup, even the best LASIK laser cannot give you the accurate results you have a right to expect. Carolina Eyecare Physicians uses precision Orbscan® 3-D mapping and WaveScan WaveFront™ diagnostic technology.

They’re YOUR eyes. Don’t settle for less than the superior precision and safety of bladeless all-laser LASIK technology at Carolina Eyecare Physicians in Charleston.

Can LASIK help you achieve the vision of your dreams?Take our LASIK quiz!

If you are looking for bladeless all-laser LASIK in Charleston, look to Dr. Kerry Solomon at Carolina Eyecare Physicians!

Other Services

The surgeons of Carolina Eyecare Physicians offer a wide array of eye care services,

Good vision is not a luxury…it’s a necessity! Call Carolina Eyecare Physicians today to schedule a thorough eye exam.

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