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Oct 17 2017

Windows 7: Event Viewer One Click Clear

This will show you how to create a command line shortcut that will clear all of the Event Viewer logs in one click.

Here is a batch file that can help you clear the event viewer in one click.
Download this file above.

Unzip on your desktop.

You can use the task scheduler to give it a high priority so you won’t get a UAC prompt

Or, just copy this script and paste in notepad and save as Clean Viewer.BAT

Right click, and click on Run as administrator to run the file

Even shorter event clear script.

This is an even shorter script to clear the event logs and will cover new logs as well as the current ones (Don’t remember who I got it from, but works fantastically):

OR you could also paste the following into a new batch file:

System Manufacturer/Model Number HP DV7-2270US
OS Windows 7 64-bit
CPU Intel Core 2 quad (2000MHZ, 4 core)
Motherboard HP
Memory 4 Gig
Graphics Card ATI HD4650
Sound Card IDT HD and ATI HD
Monitor(s) Displays 17 wide laptop and 65 secondary (for ‘work’ 🙂 )
Screen Resolution 1600X900

Case HP Laptop
Hard Drives Patriot 64-Gig M28 SSD in bay 1 Seagate ST9500420AS 500 Gig in bay 2(laptop)
Internet Speed T3

How To Clear Administrative Events Log – Event Viewer
Hi: Does anyone know how to clear the Administrative Events log listed under Custom Views in the Event Viewer? All the logs listed under the Windows logs have options to clear, but the above does not. Thanks, ColTom2

Performance Maintenance

Event Viewer: Clear All Events
How to Clear all Event Logs in Event Viewer using Windows PowerShell This tutorial will show you how to quickly clear all event logs in Event Viewer with a one line PowerShell script. This one line command clears each log in the Event log list one at a time. wevtutil el gets the Event log.

Event Viewer Event Id 2002, Source: EapHost, Log Application
Well, I tryed to manage page-file but unfortunataly it resulted in problems. Then I lost VAIO-CARE and 7 ZIP files too. When I open Event Viewer every single day I see this: event Id 2002, Souce: Eap Host, Log name: Application and number of Eventes: 84. As I am desparate about that, What sould.

BSOD when watching videos on youtube, Event 41 in Event Viewer
It’s been a while since I’ve experienced a BSOD as I’m viewing a video on youtube. It would freeze as if the audio was caught in mid-stream then BSOD, then would restart automatically. I go to Event Viewer after windows as loaded and I see Event 41 Kernel-Power in there. I had this issue.

BSOD Help and Support

After BSOD Event Viewer Logs Event ID 3012 and 3011 every time I boot
I was running 3DMark06 and got a BSOD code 124. After that every time I boot Event Viewer logs Error Codes ID 3012 and 3011. Attached are screenshots of both. I googled this and found two different threads where someone suggested to rebuild the performance counters. Both responses were.

BSOD Help and Support

WHEA-Logger event 18/19 errors in Event Viewer (W7 Home Premium)
Hi, I was hoping somebody could offer an insight on the below, as searching around I’ve not found much to go on other than overheating Basically my laptop has been having very high temperatures for a long time (usually

60C for CPU and often 100-110 for GPU. insanely high, in other words).

Hardware Devices

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